I went on a “ginko!”(haiku walk)

Today I went on my first ginko!

What is a Ginko? 

For those of you scratching your heads right now, ginko is a japanese word that can be translated as a “haiku walk.”

The general idea of it is that you take a walk(typically one in nature), recording your observations as you go. Then, you use those observations to write haiku poems.


I found this to be a really fun writing exercise. Sometimes it can be hard to get creative juices flowing while holed up in a stuffy room, so a haiku walk helps you get out of the house and into nature, where there is no shortage of inspiration. It also helps you focus on the little things, the tiniest details about the world that end up being beautiful.

So without further ado, here are three haikus that I wrote while on my walk, accompanied by pictures of the natural scenes that inspired them.


The wise forest trees

whisper mysteries into

unsuspecting ears.



The butterfly’s feet

leave a lingering kiss on

the flower’s soft head.



Freckled flowers blush

bright orange, embarrassed by

their sun-spotted skin.


Do you think you’ll go on your own haiku walk sometime? Chat with me in the comments about it!







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